Sample Lesson

Slides created by high school students

Slides created by students

Sample Lesson

Experiments in Creative Risk Taking

“Make visible what, without you, might have never been seen.” ~Bresson

In an effort to encourage risk taking, this three part unit was designed to encourage students to explore the use of light and projection as an alternative medium to create works of art.  Through a series of inquiry and exploration based exercises, students examined projected works from the past and today.  Paul Chan’s, 1st Light projection at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art is a compelling modern example.  Discussions and critiques of projected works revealed how rhythm, texture, composition, opacity, and contrasting visual elements can evoke or communicate feelings and ideas.


The first lesson resulted in students creating a series of 10 handmade slides that were projected (using a good ole’ fashioned slide projector) as a body of work.  Out of these ten slides, five were to convey visually or thematically the idea of opposites or be linked by a unifying concept.  Students worked in groups to brainstorm initial concepts.

Some concepts that students developed were:  transparent and opaque, unity and chaos, peace and darkness, inequity and balance, and uniformity and nonconformity.  Throughout the creative process, students were encouraged to focus on the production experience, where ideas could be tested, tried, discarded, manipulated, and explored.  Slides were critiqued and discussed throughout the production process.  Following the evaluation of slides, each student chose a slide to use as the source for another creative work.  The tools, media, and form of the artwork were creative decisions made by the student.

"You", student drawing created from slide

“You”, student drawing created from slide


Be introduced to and experiment with light and projection as an alternative source for creating images

Begin to understand, through the creation of thematically connected artworks how the language of art can convey specific meaning

Extend the idea of creating art with projected images by using one slide as the inspiration for another creative work



> Using knowledge of structures and functions

Choosing and evaluating a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas

Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others

More student artworks that were inspired and created through this lesson:

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